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The poems on the next four pages come from a QCC friend who calls herself Belladonna. She has sent me some very inspiring pieces, some her own (marked mhs), some sent to her by other friends - and all very wonderful. If you leave a message on this guestbook, it will be for Bella and her family, who are inspirations to us all. Those who know her know what I mean by that, and also understand this comment:

Alugha, ya, sweetie!
"Gyrfalcon" - courtesy of Ro

The Falcon
When I go and my soul is free
A white falcon I will come to be
flying high, flying free, flying proud
In a world of peace
Dont be afraid
My eyes will be sharp
My wings will be strong
Soaring and gliding in the calm
This claw of mine will grip you and push you forward
You will not release a cry
Feel my warmth and my love
For the flutter of my wings will be above and around you
I'm not afraid and please dont cry
Your illuminescent light will shine forever in my eyes
As I fill your sight with this protective measure
Remember I am the falcon who will lead you on your way
I will watch over you, for I shall not rest til I'll light your way
I'll look out for you, for I am the soul mate to light your way
For eternity I'll be your falcon the light of your passions
The light of your soul til you have met your master
I'll be the candle of your deepest hope, in the aftermath of smoke
I'll help you find your way to the path that calls you
The navigator of the high seas that betrays you
As I fly swiftly and profoundly over you
To protect honor and dazzle you as a free soul should
Your guardian angel when danger is near
Always your loyal fan no matter if you fail or succeed
and most of all when you are down I'll make you smile
With the memories of my smile, wink, and twinkles
mhs original

Shadows of Silence
The Shadows of silence
Glistens in the quiet dark
As graceful as a swimming swan
Its neck in a beautiful arch
The slender arms of quietness
Possess the very inner soul
Forcing out the realms of pain
Shutting out the bitter cold
The pale skin of a shadow
A gray-yellowish hue
The shadow of silence that is me
The silence that is you
Every shadow entails a light,
that shines through the murkiest depths
Eliminating that forever sadness
In which the past has left
mhs original

"Our angels are always with us, even when we can't see or feel their presence.
Rest easy, knowing that you are continuously guided, loved, and protected."
- Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.
On a dark, cold rainy morning, he wakes up all alone.
He searches everywhere for his mother, but she is no where
to be found.
Collapsed in the corner, he soaks a blanket with his tears,
never in his life, did he think he would have to live out
his worst fears
Softly as if on the wind, her voice comes to him......
bringing little comfort, he hears her words again:
Good night, my son, fear not the dark.
Remember the morning will always return
Your mother loves you, my sweet angel
At times the worst, turn out for the best
Sleep, my son, close your eyes, let me hold you,
just for a while
Slowly she stands and collects her soul
Her eyes moist with doubt, she walks alone
She just left her son, the one of two people she loves
for she has no choice, you see?
Through her tears, she softly whispers these words again:
Good night, my son, fear not the dark.
Remember the morning will always return
Your mother loves you, my sweet angel
At times the worst, turn out for the best
Sleep, my son, close your eyes, let me hold you
just for a while
His hands are clenched, his vision blurred
His face is red sorrow
He tries to find a reason he was left alone
He asks god to take away his pain,
and swears to himself he'll never hurt again.
And when the time has come, she asks one last time;
praying to god that it could be different
Drying her cheek, she sighs her last sigh
Collects her soul, leaving behind the one right...
that she did right
Pietro Perugino (c. 1445-1523)
The Angel
Up above me, my angel sings
Spreading wide, his powerful wings
His songs of love, caress my soul
His caring words, my heart they stole
Bound by love, and endless devotion
We dance together, in a timely motion
He lifts me up, into a star filled sky
Whispering his desire, for my heart to fly
mhs original

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